NAVY 6.0 Evo Outboard


Powered by a choice of different sizes of separate rechargeable batteries, you’ll have clean, quiet, and environmentally friendly propulsion.

Far smaller and lighter than their equivalent in fuel tanks, these waterproof, rechargeable batteries mean no engine noise, no oily bilges and no grease or fuel fumes on board either.

Lightweight and compact, the motors are easy to lift, transport and store ashore or onboard.

The efficient direct drive propulsion means few moving parts, and no maintenance or servicing either.

Interchangeable between boats, these long range electric outboards are suitable for:

  • yacht tenders and dinghies
  • aluminium fishing boats
  • SIBs (small inflatable boats)
  • RIBs (rigid inflatable boats)
  • motor boats
  • day sailers
  • yachts up to 5 tons

With one charge, you can go 40 miles with Navy, or go fishing all day long at trolling speed.

Power: 6 kW (9.9HP equivalent)

Input Voltage: 39V - 60V

Throttle: Evo Tiller / Evo Top Mount Control / Evo Side Mount Control / Evo Dual Remote Control

Hydrogeneration: Yes

Recommended Battery: ePropulsion E-Series Battery

Motor Weight: 36 kg / 79.4 lbs

Propeller: 12.6″ × 10.8″ 3-blade composite propeller / 13.4″ × 8.5″ 3-blade composite propeller / 12.6″ × 8.7″ 3-blade aluminum propeller (optional)

Trim / Tilt Angle: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° / 60°

Shaft Length: Short, Long

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